College Success

January 2016

This semester I’ll be teaching College Success, this course is designed to help students transition into college challenging them to learn and think critically in an academic environment. I will provide students with the information they’ll need to adjust into college life and provide them with strategies that support academic achievement. 

As per course guidelines the students are required to maintain a journal as part of a writing portfolio. In my perfect professor world this class would be taught in a computer lab, if it were I would have the students create on-line blogs or GoogleSites for the journal entires along with other writing assignments. I have concerns requiring on-line journals i.e computer access. I have decided to commit to using Twitter as a learning tool. 32dd7f014a97211a347fe5d4b9c764b2 

Twitter had a significant presences not only in my thesis research but also in some of my graduate courses. Why? Because learning is interactive and accessible, students are no longer bound by the classroom. My intention is to have the students tweet regularly on and off campus, utilizing Twitter for something other than #tbt and #selfie. I also intend to apply some writing strategies supported by the concepts of connected learning. 

Tomorrow as a class we’ll agree on a course designated hashtag and the students will use this hashtag throughout the semester. Here the class can share their college experiences with not only each other but also a public audience (unless the student chooses to keep their Twitter profile private). (Update #CSuccess2day) 

I love the idea of encouraging students to publish their work for an audience empowering their voice. I believe that although Twitter isn’t instantly viewed as “academic” it can be used to support student learning.