Adventures in College Comp

Updated Fall 2016 


I teach College Composition at Kean University, the course is designed to provide students with transferable writing skills for lifelong success. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of rhetorical analysis, process, skills and strategies.

The Composition class comes with university requirements summary/response writing, argument, rhetorical analysis and reflective writing. Each semester, I ask my classes “does anyone in here enjoy writing?” Crickets.10710906-22509217-thumbnail

So I contemplate… How do I encourage a bunch of self-labeled “non-writers” to enjoy the experience? The student experience is fundamental and interest driven learning fosters student engagement. My objective as an educator is to promote a culture of learning how to learn. Peer-review sessions play a major role in writing development. Peer-review challenges students to think and read critically; you can’t teach writing without peer-review; better reader = better writer (this is the extent of my math skills).

In Session: Fall 2016 College Composition course site

This meme is favorite. The answer is…probably.