Selfies and Self-Reflection


What’s the meaning behind a selfie? Even if you haven’t taken one (which is next to impossible to believe) #selfie has become one of the most popular globally trended hashtags to date. Is it safe to say selfies are a global phenomenon? How I see myself, how I want you to see me.

Your likeness can be instantly shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dating apps, with #selfie for the world see. Selfie’s are the self portraits of the digital age. In Know Thy Selfie — An Exercise in Selfie Reflection an Instructor explores race, identity, gender, appearance, lighting, location etc. to reveal the person in the selfie. This lesson is insightful, engaging and connected. 140302-ellen-selfie_df30515d8c22eca3f956fb3c022c059e


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