Advancing New Forms of Scholarship in Writing


I continue to think a great deal about how new media has grown the possibilities of our collective academic work. As the director of a Masters in Writing Studies Program at Kean University, I often reckon with how our traditional forms of scholarship are merely one reference point when considering how to produce and create new knowledge. As a result, I have for some time been a proponent of a more expansive sense of what writing might entail in the 21st century, and I have often spoken about “Writing-as-Making.”

The digitized and computational environments of our new mediascape have inherently expanded our understanding of what it means to compose. In many cases, my students have come up with innovative ways to harness the affordances of a digitized environment to envision the work that will matter to them. They are working with new media tools, and that work…

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Selfies and Self-Reflection


What’s the meaning behind a selfie? Even if you haven’t taken one (which is next to impossible to believe) #selfie has become one of the most popular globally trended hashtags to date. Is it safe to say selfies are a global phenomenon? How I see myself, how I want you to see me.

Your likeness can be instantly shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dating apps, with #selfie for the world see. Selfie’s are the self portraits of the digital age. In Know Thy Selfie — An Exercise in Selfie Reflection an Instructor explores race, identity, gender, appearance, lighting, location etc. to reveal the person in the selfie. This lesson is insightful, engaging and connected. 140302-ellen-selfie_df30515d8c22eca3f956fb3c022c059e

Hack Your Writing

Paper Circuitry 

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Writing is Making

I facilitated a workshop at the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) 2015 Leadership Conference and Retreat.The theme of the retreat was Finding Your True North, I selected the Hack Your Writing activity because it’s interest driven learning, peer learning, also shared purpose.